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Veterans and Supporters United have been raising awareness of the persecuted Op Banner Veterans. The article below should answer most questions about our campaign
Focused on Soldiers A-Z.

Veterans & Supporters United is comprised of individuals who have come together to give love and support to HM Armed Forces Veterans who are facing prosecution in relation to their duties during Op Banner. This was the codename for the UK Government’s response to what is referred to as “the Northern Ireland Troubles”.

We are not affiliated to any other grouping, or political stance. Our members have a broad selection of experience from many walks of life. We have no single leader we work together as equals.

I was asked a question the other day. “What are our group’s core values?”

First & foremost its in the name!

UNITED – we, in this group, are united in our belief that the continued persecution & prosecution of our Armed Forces Veterans is not only completely wrong, but it’s still going ahead! This is despite assurances and repeated promises from various groups, political institutions, and the government!

Yet each, and every day, Veterans & their families are going through hell – many cases are at various stages. Some are already in the Court System at the early trial stage. This has largely been unnoticed by the public because of a virtual UK Media Blackout ( Denial ) & secondly the general public, like many Veterans, wrongly believed that the issues of “the Troubles” ended with the Good Friday Agreement in 1998 – over 20 years ago.

VETERANS – many within our group are Veterans. They hail from various Arms of Service, Regiments, Corps & regions of the UK & beyond. As Veterans it is only right that we stand up for each other.

SUPPORTERS – we have many members who are from military family backgrounds, and people from the wider general public who appreciate the service of the Armed Forces. They have all awoken to the fact that “sheep are being led by the wolves” and they want to stand against the unjust persecution & prosecution of our Armed Forces & Veterans. Without supporters no Veteran would have a friend.

How we came up with the flag design;

  • Veterans

     – these men are the main focus.

  • Supporters – 

    without you guys, and girls we wouldn’t have the love, support, and voice that’s needed.

  • United

     – we are all together, as one, united in our belief and stance.

Why the two cap badges on our flag?

– Firstly, the Parachute Regiment badge; this Regiment has the highest profile at the moment with soldiers A, C and F.

– The Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR) badge – this Regiment was on the front line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the Army’s operation in Northern Ireland. The UDR badge is on the flag to reflect the regard deserved by its Veterans for their sacrifice in the defence of their community.

Why soldiers A-Z?

It started with soldier F, of the Bloody Sunday enquiry. It was soon apparent that the problem facing Veterans was much bigger. Currently there are several cases, and many Coroners Inquests scheduled, which could lead to further Veteran prosecutions. The phrase “Supports Soldiers A-Z” shows our support for any persecuted Veteran.

Why the Northern Ireland Emblem?

Northern Ireland was at the heart of the conflict. It is also where the Veterans are being persecuted & prosecuted. Not on the Mainland, but in a Northern Ireland Court. By a British Judge, on British soil!

What is our Aim?

To hold pop-up protests and rallies, throughout the UK, at times and places of our choosing.

To liaise with other groups, with the the same Veteran related objectives.

To put “ boots on the ground” where it matters – in the Northern Ireland Courts, standing firmly behind any Veteran on trial – so that they know that they have support at their back – to make the Courtroom less hostile.

To hold those that represent us to account for their failings over Veteran prosecutions. This will be by lobbying them and inviting them to stand with us in support of our Veterans.

We remain dignified at all times and those that stand with us at protests do so freely and with one aim – our Veterans.

We ask that anyone attending does so with pride & dignity – no speeches needed – only Military flags / Banners & the Union flag to be displayed.

Those that attend the courts should wear smart-casual dress and maintain dignity at all times. Remember to keep personal security in mind, always!

This is how and why we have become who we are – United we stand . If we didn’t who would ?