48 Years Today

Updated: Feb 6

Today VASU Pause & Remember all those tragically Murdered including 2 young children by Republican Terrorists .

Our Northern Branch admin Billy & fellow Veterans & Supporters of our grouping alongside the Parents of the young boys held the Annual Remembrance Service at the sight of the M62 Coach Bombing ….

In 2020 Our Admin Billy Dunbar first went to the scene of this slaughter to pay his respects on behalf of Veterans & Supporters United - there he met a Dad of 1 of the young victims a boy of 5 years - alongside Billy local Police paid their respects before also showing there support for the ongoing campaign Supporting Soldiers A-Z . It was an honour to revisit & revisit the moment with that parent …..

The M62 coach bombing happened on 4th February 1974 on the M62 motorway in northern England, when a Provisional IRA bomb exploded in a coach carrying off-duty British Armed Forces personnel and their family members.

Twelve people (nine soldiers, three civilians) were murdered by the bomb, (11 at the scene with a twelfth dying four days later) which consisted of 25 pounds (11 kg) of high explosive hidden in a luggage locker on the coach.

An entire family were murdered in the blast - the Haughtons, consisting of Clifford, his wife Linda and his sons Lee (5) and Robert (2)

Numerous others suffered severe injuries, including a six-year-old boy, who was badly burned.

The driver of the coach, Roland Handley, was injured by flying glass, but was hailed as a hero for bringing the coach safely to a halt.

The names of those murdered:

Bombardier Terence Griffin - Aged 24

Gunner Leonard James Godden - Aged 22 Signalman Michael Eugene Waugh - Aged 22

Signalman Leslie David Walsh Signalman - Aged 17

Paul Anthony Reid - Aged 17

Lance Corporal James John McShane - Aged 28