50 Years ON

Updated: Jan 25

This up coming Sunday 30th January is 50 Years since the IRA under a young Martin McGuinness alongside 2 units from the OIRA from Galliagh / Creggan & Bogside area mounted an attack on Security Personnel during a civil rights march —— known as Bloody Sunday in Londonderry .!.

As Usual the Celebrities from all walks of life will be out in force as will all those who condemn the British Army & its role in Operation Banner & no doubt the Parachute Regiment alongside others will have its name dragged through the mud yet again in a well oiled & well choreographed well rehearsed outcry in front of the Worlds Media ..

We accept that there where innocent Fatalities on the day & indeed there is much speculations as to what materialised on this fateful day & disputes of how it played out - but what is known is there was a Large Scale Protest - it was followed by an orchestrated large scale Rioting & was used as cover by Terrorists to mount an attack Security Personnel ..

It is worth noting that this Particular area of Londonderry was often a hotbed of violence & has remained so since 1969 right up to present day !!

The Taboo in all of this is to mention the Words



Planned by Terrorists

instead of simply slandering the

Parachute Regiment


Under Martin his IRA Terrorists infiltrated a Human Rights March alongside some Young Volunteers from the Derry Boys in the Bog-side - there where 2 Aims on that fateful day

Draw the RUC & The British Army into the area under a sustained barrage of Rocks, Petrol Bombs & Carnage in front of the worlds media

The Second & most iconic part was for Volunteers of the Derry Brigade Provisional IRA Terrorists where to Engage where possible with Troops Drawing them into crossfire then melt away leaving Troops looking the agressors - It is widely known that the events of Bloody Sunday where a tragedy but it is equally known that Irish Republican Terrorists under Machine Gun Marty did in fact engage on the ground with troops who under what can only be described as a volatile arena in an Urban Warfare returned fire ….