Veterans & Supporters United “ VASU ” was created in August 2019 by Billy & Chris both Veterans themselves who after attending many Rallies-Protests held by numerous Support Groupings had become disillusioned at the need for Endless - Pointless marching up & down Westminster , Listening to the same people telling the same people in attendance the same message on repeat every 6 months .

They where soon joined by like minded Veterans both Male & Female & again closely followed by our Veteran Families & Civilian Support who where fed up with egos portraying to be leaders in the Veteran Community .



In our early days it quickly became apparent just how big & important the situation in regards to Elderly Veterans facing the imminent repeated Vexatious Unjust Persecution & Prosecutions & ultimately Trials where fast looming !

We as a grouping held meetings with :

Veterans around the uk

The Veterans Commissionaire to Northern Ireland

MP’s & MLA’s from all around the UK

And more importantly we spoke with Soldiers A-Z themselves & continue to do so !!

currently alongside Dave Holden we at VASU are in touch with Veterans still to face this farce….

Below is a snippet of the cases currently going on “ some not all ” this is year 1 & 2 in a 5 year Inquest structure already agreed by Government to proceed .

Currently there are 56 live cases with 240+ at various stages and over 1000 in the pipeline with 12 of them involving SAS & 10+ RUC.