A Very Real Threat 2022

Wise words from SAS Hero Rusty Firmin from VASU in regards to Northern Irelands Up Coming Election on May 5th 2022.

Next Week in Northern Ireland - Politics will be at the Fore Front for all the wrong reasons .!.

Whilst our Government Continues with it’s lies & Smoke Screening of anything Op Banner Related all the while Soldiers A-Z continues to be hauled before the IRA leaning Courts coupled with an election of elections in Northern Ireland that could for the first time in Northern Irelands short 100 year History put the very same Republican Terrorists now masquerading in a suit within the halls of Stormont & each Council , could now be elected in as First Minister

This has been the goal of Sinn Fein's long war shortly followed surely by a Border Poll

They are now Embedded in Irelands Government & have turned there eyes to Northern Ireland

The media already makes remarks about Ireland North

Brandon Lewis mentions North & South

co - operation

America refers to you as Irish

Boris Johnson & every Prime Minister before refers to you as complicated

One would think it’s a very convenient coincidence that Government lacks the ability to put Northern Ireland Op Banner Veterans before Terrorists

Yet The Terrorists already sit within Government !! Unopposed & Un Challenged ..

At the same time Northern Ireland is also locked in a struggle to remain Within Britain yet the same Government sits with it’s thumb up it’s own Ass & allows Northern Ireland to be the Political football That ties Britain with Europe. This alone gives hopes to Republican Terrorists who are engaged in Re Writing History ..

So Much For Never Dealing With Terrorists

There for it is Imperative that all Within Northern Ireland disallow the Terrorists the Opportunity to Govern by setting aside your Orange & Green thinking & instead vote for a Party that has 1 goal to make Northern Ireland Work & for the people of Northern Ireland - Only then can real change happen including changing the Judicial System that governs the Courts in Northern Ireland .