Amnesty International VS Veterans

In the case of GUARDSMAN DAVID HOLDEN - Amnesty International alongside the McAnespie family are turning what would be a straight forward Trial into a Circus in front of the worlds media “A well rehearsed show by Republicans playing the Victim at all costs ” !! This in itself shows us all that these trials against our elderly Veterans are nothing more than Media Grabbing , Money Making & frankly Image Damaging Show Trials in order to re write History !!

The Family are Holding a Press Conference before the trial & are asking all Photographers to come along for a photo opportunity at 10 am.

10am: Press conference and photo opportunity: Vincent, Sean, Margo, Gerard McAnespie and Brian Gormley- siblings and cousin of Aidan McAnespie, along with Grainne Teggart, Amnesty International’s Campaign Manager, and solicitor Darragh Mackin of Phoenix Law.

10:30am - trial Set To Begin

“ It is worth noting that at all times this was a tragic Accident & a man lost his life ”

Unfortunately this Accident is now being portrayed as Murder simply because Republicans wish it to be deemed so !!

Amnesty International whilst portraying themselves to be Neutral in all cases are often seen on the side of those that appose the Military - They also neglect to mention that Mr McAnespie’s family are a well known Republican Family with family members being part of the notorious brigade of the Provisional IRA Terrorist Grouping & Sinn Fein .


Guardsman Holden’s Trial Begins At 10:30 Courtroom 15, Laganside. Livestream also available via sight-link for those Veterans & Supporters of Veterans that would like to listen in - link will be provided on the day !

We at VETERANS & SUPPORTERS UNITED alongside other Veterans stand shoulder to shoulder with Dave & His Family Circle as he faces down this Unjust Vexatious witch hunt , having had members of our grouping alongside other Veterans sat through his case as it progressed through Dungannon Courthouse & listened to facts & it’s worth remembering this case had already been previously looked at & Dave acquitted & with no new or fresh evidence being produced the Republican leaning judicial system still opted to progress to trial !!

A real Farce in it’s Entirety