Awareness Continues

Whilst we at Veterans & Supporters United welcome the Bill in the Queens Speech that will give protection to Veterans , We have heard all this Rumble before from Brandon Lewis who Promised the World Yet Reneged Multiple Times on his & Governments words & Commitments…

Proof Is In It Happening

It has still to pass both Houses of Lords & Commons with Government still to put it to the Houses …

Draft or No Draft we will wait & See

Until then it is simply Words !!

“ putting kind donations made to VASU to good usage back on the streets ”

As always our Admin & Members within VASU will continue to Highlight the Soldiers A-Z plight & We will Continue on Awareness Days , Campaign Picket Days throughout the United Kingdom just as our Members have done this week…

It was Too late for our Mentor , Friend & Hero DENNIS HUTCHINGS

“ Forever In Our Thoughts ”

It was also Too late for Soldiers A & C who where both Acquitted , Soldier F “ who still faces this farce yet again ”

It is Too late for Guardsman Holden who Today starts day 8 of his Vexatious Trial in Belfast . VASU Members are as always attending in support .

Government are elected by the people including many Veterans & Supporters Of Veterans & We will hold them to account should they fail to Act .

Come For One - Come For All Q.S