Brandon’s Lies Keep Coming

Brandon Lewis & His Lies are like that Gift that keeps on failing to be delivered !

As part of his Plans to get his Statute of Limitations Legislation “ Amnesty ” of the ground Brandon has just tried to threaten the very people he intends to wow into his master plan !

The Carefully Choreographed Wording he is spouting - stating that He “Could” Bring Charges against Terrorists that don’t participate in his Truth & Reconciliation part of his Legislation ..

Pigs Might Fly Brandon

The 1st part of his Master plan white wash is to Assure Republican Terrorists & those “ Loyalists that he can fool ” that they will not face any form of prosecution for any part or parts they played in Bombings - Shootings - Murders of anyone as long as they Admit their Roles & Involvement in great truthful detail .!. In return he ensures that Police - Security Forces - Government & Victims will not ask anything further !!!!!! & they can enjoy life knowing they are all free again .

His 2nd Part of his Master plan is to throw

At the Victims which he began in Autumn 2021 in the hope that truthful admissions will be enough alongside huge pay outs to ensure Victims Stop Pursuing Justice of Republican Terrorists .!.

His 3rd part of the plan is to get his new found friends on side through his secret backroom dealings reporting back to his master for approval .

He is busy Meeting With Sinn Fein & the Republican Terrorists Military Council ensuring that Government will not put up much of a fight with internal Ireland dealings including Northern Ireland & tries to ensure Loyalists will co-operate by paying of those that Government can with Titles & £££££ ..!

His 4th part is to woo the Veteran Community through carefully selected Veterans that will echo his plans as a great deal for Veterans - With the promise of an Amnesty in all but name offering protection from continued Persecution & Prosecution to Op Banner Veterans currently being Investigated ..


The reality is that Brandon Lewis is the Downing Street

He is pissing in the wind in the hope he can fool


Victims of Republican Terrorists

Families of Service Personnel Killed

or indeed

Northern Ireland