Brandons betrayal

Updated: Jan 22

Wise words from Rusty Firmin & Veterans & Supporters United

Under Robin Horsfalls NIVM met with the SOS & as a result Agreed to his statute of limitations despite standing for 6 years against labelling Veterans the same as Terrorists

Robin recently had a social media jibe at people & indeed Veterans from Northern Ireland “which make up 35-40% of our forces”

NIVM ratified Brandon Lewis proposed Statute of limitations legislation “Amnesty” on your behalf at the NIO Offices in London the 3rd week of Aug 2021 - stating they Represented all Veterans Views !! 200,000 plus voices

Brandon Lewis is set to introduce his Whitewash Legislation banding it as the Protection of All Veterans from Prosecution !!

Yet Dave Holdens case is up on 9th-10th Dec for appeal & failing that his Diplock Style Trial was due to Commence January 2022 “ currently awaiting a new date ”

Another Veteran was approached in the last 2 weeks by solicitors acting on behalf of the Inquest team & his case is re-starting March 2022

RUC Veterans are going through the process as are 240+ other Veterans all unprotected should this Legislation be passed .

But it is ok - The Legislation Protects Terrorists again ensuring Families & Victims of Terrorist Atrocities can “ NEVER “ seek any form of Justice against the very Terrorist that caused the hurt & pain to so many ‼️…..

👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Well Done 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

!! Not In Our Name !!

It’s Worth noting in the case of Soldiers A & C although already being aquitted - the Terrorist family McCanns have launched a civil case for failings in the trial …..Watch this space for the role out against individual Veterans in the near future - lets see what happens there !!!!!!