Brandons Betrayal.

Updated: Jun 13

The Shambolic White Wash - Northern Ireland bill proposed by Brandon Lewis that has passed both readings in the Commons in less than a week - finishing what Tony Traitor Blair started in it’s current form that only serves to put the Government above reproach & the Terrorists given complete immunity including those currently in prison & those living in other countries on the run !

Here is the list of your MP’s who voted for it or against it -

We at VASU did state a few weeks back that all Conservatives where under the party whip, being told not to engage with Veterans & we

Veterans & Supporters of Veterans where dangled a Carrot in the form of soldiers A-Z to get us all to show support to this bill - to aid Brandon along this was “ voiced by well known Veterans within the Veteran Community ” who stated this bill was good for Veterans !! Shame on them ‼️

When really it was just another terrorist appeasement . Whilst Setting up another talk shop that we all know wont work !

We at VASU are saddened for all the Victims of Republican Terrorists , Families of Service Personnel Killed & Maimed whilst protecting Britain from Republican Terrorists , Soldiers A-Z that only ever wanted a level plying field to fight there cases lawfully - Not An Amnesty !!

The late Dennis Hutchings & Soldier K stood up to this on behalf of every Veteran

Heres who shafted you - you decide

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