Brandons Shameless Truth

Just "One Or Two" People Might Cooperate With New Troubles Legacy Body, Says Northern Ireland Secretary.

It is possible that just a small handful of people, maybe "one or two", will agree to cooperate with a new body being set up by the government to deal the legacy of The Troubles, Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis has said

However, that would be a worthwhile outcome it as it would mean "one or two more families" learning the truth about how their loved ones were killed during the conflict, he said.

Under the proposals, which are opposed by Northern Ireland's political parties, accused inviduals will be able to secure immunity from prosecution if they agree to comply with a new, truth-seeking body called the Independent Commission for Reconciliation and Information Recovery.

The government argues this is the right approach because the current system of taking Troubles suspects to court is resulting in a very small number of prosecutions, with permissable evidence getting increasingly difficult to come by as time goes by.

It has received the backing of Jonathan Powell, who as former prime minister Tony Blair's chief of staff played an important role in the brokering of the Good Friday peace deal in 1998. It has also won the support of some Conservative MPs who opposed an earlier version of the plan.

The small print of this bill requires soldiers to admit to crimes to get an amnesty. They want the "republican truth" not the real truth. If a soldier says he's innocent as did Dennis many times then they're going to prosecute anyway.

Soldier F will have to say the republicans were telling the truth about bloody sunday. Even though it's all lies. Then the list will go on and on. Nothing has changed.

“ We learned from inside sources that all Conservative MP’s recieved an internal Memo from Party whip’s instructing them to disengage with Veterans & ordered them to support Brandon’s Bill ”


Brandon Lewis had hoped to secure Veterans confidence in him by dangling SOLDIERS A-Z like a carrot on a stick in front of the Veteran Community - He had engaged via Civil Servants & Government facilitators with those within the Veteran Community he felt could influence peoples mindsets & control how Veterans object Advocating for this bill . Whilst those well known Within the Veteran Community being facilitated by Brandon try to limit the reach of the truth by ensuring they control most Social media posts within the main Support Groupings , many Veterans & Supporters of Veterans have become disengaged with these Self Appointed Leaders & instead are awakening to the truths that this bill is anything but good “in its current form” for Veterans who are adamant they should not be seen as on a level with Terrorists.

“ Veterans do not want any form of Amnesty regardless how it is worded - All they ever asked for was a fair trial ”

words by the late Dennis Hutchings.


Victims Groupings such as SEFF