Brandons Talk Shop

Updated: Mar 10

Today the Secretary Of State To Northern Ireland BRANDON LEWIS once again meets the team from NIVM headed up by Robin Horsfall , His last meeting with this Team was in August 2021 in which he convinced the NIVM Team to back his proposals for implementing a set of legislative limitations for Op Banner Veterans facing Persecution & Prosecution in the never ending Vexatious Unjust Witch Hunt by Republican Terrorists in suits Sinn Fein .!.

He had Promised this Amnesty in all but name would be pushed through Both The House of Lords & The House of Commons & would be implemented by Autumn 2021 then changed to Xmas 2021 then January 2022 now it seems that can has been kicked indefinitely as far as xmas 2022 and we believe beyond !! Brandon is a compulsive lier as is Boris Johnson !!

As predicted this time frame came & went with nothing being done !! Each Government since TONY Traitor Blair have promised the world yet delivered nothing !!

Today He hopes to re affirm his commitment to getting this off the starting line a full 2 years later & seeks to re convince those within NIVM to continue supporting his proposal “ Yet to surface ” .

However NIVM only speaks for NIVM , The majority of Veterans & indeed Supporters of Veterans do not agree with Brandons Proposed White Wash

Brandons proposal failed to get the backing from Northern Irelands Politicians who all unanimously objected to it .

Brandon also failed to get the backing from Victims Groupings whom if it passed would loose the ability to ever seek Justice from Terrorists who again would be blanket protected from ever facing Justice .

There was outcry & continues to be outcry from others whom all have a stake in Northern Irelands Peace .

Families of Service Personnel tragically killed during Operation Banner also Object to this again feeling that they 2 would never be able to seek Justice should it be passed !

Veterans across the entire United Kingdom & around the World are furious that our Government would dare to try and use a dangling carrot in front of Soldiers A-Z in the hope we would all accept the Deal that would put Veterans on the same power as the Terrorists they faced in the line of duty !

Soldiers A - Z have never wanted an Amnesty - Amnesties are for the Guilty !!

All Veterans “ Soldiers A-Z & there respective Families ” have ever wanted is Some form of Protection from our UK Government so that they could CLEAR THEIR NAMES nothing more !!