Challenge Brandons Amnesty

VASU challenge Brandon Lewis on behalf of Victims of Republican Terrorists from both Northern ireland & the Mainland

did you know that Brandon’s Statute of limitations legislation “Amnesty” protects Terrorists once again from ever being hounded & stops victims from ever being able to seek justice ??

whilst it‘s being tipped as protecting Veterans it does not apply to Soldiers A-Z all 240+ already in the system

it does not protect RUC veterans nor SAS Veterans

there is a large loop hole that does not prevent a family taking a Civil Case against an individual Veteran - in other words worded differently and bank rolled by a wealthy Republican Terrorist Grouping their solicitors will continue as normal .

Joe McCanns family are currently testing this method now !!

this is why VASU are completely apposed to Brandons Amnesty

No Means No


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