Dave Holden Trial Day 2

Once again Today VASU N.IRELAND BRANCH MEMBERS kept a presence of Support at the Court throughout today .

Guardsman Holden Was joined once again by Paul Del Young in court room 12 where he sat through 2 Military witnesses

Pauls Analysis - we at VASU echo this

“Today further military witnesses were giving evidence on behalf of the prosecution. All of the military witnesses were soldiers who were present before and during the actual incident.

These witnesses included the CSM, CQMS and a Guardsman that was on duty in the sanger with David that day.

Following the prosecution examination, the defence cross examination was strong and thorough and revealed many inconsistences in the prosecution witnesses version of events from their memory in the evidence they gave today and the statements that were made to police soon after the incident.

Todays main witness, the soldier that was on duty in the sanger that day, was completely taken apart by the defence team. One of the highlight was the direct evidence he gave to the court today from a deposition he made was contrary to the statement that he made to the police within 24hrs of the incident.

There was much discussion regarding the handling of the GPMG, who ordered what done to the weapon and by whom. All the military made contradictory statements and many of their recollections undermined each other.

It also came out that David Holden did not make ready the weapon at any time during his time on duty in the sanger.

For those that don’t know, this was David’s was 18yrs old and it was his first day of duty in the sanger at the VCP.

All in all, I would say that it was a good day for the defence today. Tomorrow there is a further military witness and then its onto police witnesses. It is possible that the prosecution case will be complete by the end of the week and the defence can start next Monday.”


Once again VASU Northern Ireland Branch will have a presence tomorrow

court begins at the later time of 10:45

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