Dave Holden Trial day 3

Today yet again Guardsman Holden arrived early to Belfast Crown Court wearing his regimental Tie & accompanied by fellow Guardsmen looking Every Part the Guardsman he once was.

Paul Del Young once again sat in the gallery for part of today listening to todays account whilst Rusty & Billy sat in via Sight-Link.

Again we at VASU echo Pauls account below .

“This morning the prosecution produced the PVCP guard commander and went through his evidence.

When the defence cross examined the witness there were many contradictory statements with his evidence and the other witness statements.

Again, the questions revolved around who handled the GPMG before the incident and who was in the sanger during the day up to the incident. The Lance Sergeants recollection and parts of his original statement made 24hrs after the incident was riddled with inconsistencies. His memory of his handling of the GPMG and the drills associated with the handling of this weapon are just not reliable.

I would comment that it proves that trying to remember legacy and historical events will be completely different for each person that was present at the same event. Which proves that any trial using memories from decades ago will always be unsafe. Those high profile inquests and enquiries where witnesses did not make a statement at the time and are relying on a memory from decades ago should never be used. They are simply unreliable. No one can possibly remember with absolute clarity the fine points of an incident that occurred so long ago.”


Veterans & Supporters United Northern Ireland Branch Once again kept a presence of support Today.

Tommorow the trial continues at the earlier time of 10am.