Day 2 Of Dennis Hutchings Trial

Day 2 started off with Dennis arriving and was greeted by supporters before heading up into court - Most of the morning was a tedious re-visit of statements & the same re run of things Dennis has heard many times before

Today was about admitting agreed hearsay evidence into the court records. The hearsay evidence is from those witnesses who are deceased. This includes evidence from the pathologist, forensics and also included evidence from recent investigations from officers who retrieved documents who are proving the continuity of those documents.

The afternoon dealt with hearsay evidence that was not agreed. Both sides outlined the case for inclusion and exclusion of this evidence.

The judge will consider the submissions and rule on one part on Friday morning and hear the rest of the prosecution submission also on Friday.

If the judge rule in favor of the defense team on Friday it will make for a very interesting day.

Dennis remains in good spirit but gets very tired sitting for long periods in the court room . It was a long day for him today. His spirits where lifted at each break by the veterans & Supporters of VASU NI & others supporting him outside the court.

Next update on Friday when the trial continues.

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