Dennis Hutchings Trial Day 3

Day 3 in the Trial Of Dennis Hutchings :

Thus far today we have heard from the Public Prosecution Services stating its case which is largely based on circumstantial evidence & initial statements made on and around the said incident in 1974 .

Today has seen 2 former Military Police officers questioned by the PPS & indeed the Judge has asked a few questions based on what is being said . Also acting on behalf of Dennis his legal team has cross examined the witnesses briefly…

The PPS are seeking to persue the 2 witnesses by referring to their original statements from 1974 Yet cannot provide adequate statements to the court before trying to pursue .

Indicated in a typed documents refers to soldiers known as Soldiers A ,B ,C ,D ,E ,G & H.

Todays witnesses cannot re-count on their previous statement even though provided with a copy of these & have no recollection of the time said.

That concludes both Military Police Officers evidence ..

PPS admit they are missing Documents and have asked for a reccess for lunch .

The trial continues ……

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