Dennis Hutchings Trial Day 4

Today on Day 4 of Dennis Trial :

Today started shortly after 10:45 am - Dennis arrived and thanked well wishers & Supporters for attending , He was pleased to see Billy Dunbar from VASU who had made the trip across to support him - Dennis was accompanied today by his Partner alongside Johnny Mercer & Danny Kinahan .

Today kicked of with the statements of the 2 RMP followed by the calling of a witness a

Medical officer - again the PPS where spoken too for trying to speak about things they shouldn’t ( a farce in itself ) .

This was Followed by statements from both 1974/1975 and readings from statements ranging from the inquest of 1975- 2016

Dennis case could be concluded as early as next week.

Outlining the progress of the trial today, Mr Justice O'Hara said the prosecution case against the 80-year-old former Life Guardsman should be completed by this Wednesday, and if 'achieved' this would lead to legal submissions on Friday.

The judge said he would then rule on Monday what prosecution evidence was deemed admissible and dependent on the ruling this may lead to further defence applications.

It had been estimated the trial could last at least four weeks as it sits only every other day to allow Mr Hutchings, diagnosed as suffering from an incurable chronic kidney disease, to receive treatment and rest in the intervening two days.

Before his announcement today, Mr Justice O'Hara, by agreement, continued the case for a time in the defendant's absence, initially to allow him to "get some air" and then when told he needed to retire to his hotel for rest. Although not 100% but still determined & upbeat .

Day 5 of the Trial will resume 10am Wed Morning

The trial Continues ……