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Updated: May 24

We at Veterans & Supporters United are relentless at Raising that Awareness to the plight of Soldiers A-Z be that via Social Media , Webpage or indeed on the streets , We have a proven record of working with Soldiers A-Z & their Families , Our Admin & Volunteers give there time for free & often at cost to themselves … each donation to our grouping is greatly received & quickly turned into useful items to further that awareness.

The late Dennis Hutchings Trusted us & was our Mentor - his family are still very much close to us & Kim would gladly agree that we still work in tandem

Soldier A & C trusted us as did their Commanding Officer from the time whom contacted us to thank us for everything we did for them .

“Hello my name is Captain Harry Wilkinson 2 Para 1964-1978 from Herefordshire grand old England. I wanted to say a massive thank you for all your support. Several of my brave, Courageous, Honest and myself where recently put through an appalling traumatic experience in Belfast. I was pleasantly shocked by the droves of solid dignified support for my men and fellow men from groups like yourself. Please Please carry on the fire you have my full support.

“Utrinque Paratus”

“Ready For Anything”


Soldier F trusted us

Guardsman Holden trusted us & is an Honoury admin in VASU

Veteran L trusts us

Veteran T trusted us

Soldier K Trusted us & was part of VASU

SAS Hero Rusty Firmin Leads us & Trusts us

Naturally we can only do what we do effectively on the streets with the help of you - Please consider donating to our worthy group fund which in turn means we can procure more banners , leaflets etc to place around the entire UK

- Northern Ireland - Scotland - England & Wales to further highlight the injustices Op Banner Veterans face. Use our PayPal @vasusupport or visit the shop on our Webpage

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