Every Day Was Bloody

Updated: Jan 28

We Often hear about Bloody Sunday - Ballymurphy - The Hooded Men etc but 1 thing History & indeed Society outside the Unionist Community is forgetting is that from 1969 right up until Today Northern Ireland has seen Bombings , Shootings , Killings in a sustained - callous - cowardly way by faceless Terrorists , some of which now wear Suits in an office in Government. Supported by officials in Westminster .

“ Anything to keep the Republican Terrorists quiet & on side at all costs ”

The Taboo There’s to be No mention of the Atrocities against the Unionist Communities or indeed the Attacks on Security Personnel nor the attacks on the Catholic Communities from those Terrorists Within !! It’s as though the Republican Terrorists did nothing wrong in the eyes of the SDLP & Sinn Fein - Labour & American Politicians !!

69 Catholics where murdered by the IRA in 1972 their fellow Irish men/women. All in Irelands name. Yet not 1 mention from SDLP nor Sinn Fein against the TERRORISTS


The Real Facts

British Soldiers some as young as 17-18 fresh out of basic training with no experience of Life or of Conflict were drafted into Northern Ireland from August 1969 to keep the peace and to as best they could prevent Republican Terrorists from an all out war & Genocide - They the thin Green Line where often sent out onto the Streets alongside there Comrades in Both the then B-Specials later amalgamated into the Royal Ulster Constabulary , the Ulster Defence Regiment & Greenfinch later callously by a gutless Government again where amalgamated into the Royal Irish Regiment Home Service who once again got dissolved in 2007 to appease Republicans .!

The British Army worked under Stressful Conditions being subjected to hatred & often engaged in a gorilla war with faceless Terrorists who would often attack then melt back into society after using the local Community as a shield to launch their callous attacks . Luckily for most Troops whom served in the Province they had a fortified Barracks to return to after each patrol unlike those within the B-Specials - RUC & UDR/Greenfinch who ultimately lived within the very Communities they Patrolled & Protected & indeed as a result of this lost Many Many Personnel to the ruthless Terrorists .



Proposed False Promises

We Hear daily of Government side deals being done with todays Terrorists & promises of Amnisties once again to secure a deal that would provisionally end the current trials of Veterans not already in the system - Again Government are trying to buy appeasement from the very same Terrorists its own Troops faced for over 35 years.. Again this only serves to protect both the British Government from Embarrassment & the Terrorists they are Appeasing once again . To add to the list they have already assured with the on the run letters .


“ Above just 2 examples of daily atrocities carried out by Republican Terrorists ” every town & village in Northern Ireland was a target & every Community within Northern Ireland Suffered loss & heart ache at the hands of Terrorists.