Expose The Finucane Family

Updated: Feb 3

This is the brother of Pat Finucane, Dermot Finucane, uncle of terrorist Sinn Fein's John Finucane, an Ex Republican Terrorist Prisoner , Blatantly displaying weapons & glorifying Terrorists with replicas of Irish nationalist terrorism.

PART 1 - Expose The Pat Finucane Centre once and for all and the IRA Finucane Family Dynasty.!

All credits go to a valued & close Member of VASU in the Northern Ireland Branch

!! Like Sinn Féin it never mentions ANY of the thousands IRA’s Human Rights’ violations.? When it comes to the self-styled Director of the Pat Finucane Centre, Paul O’Connor, he is unmasked as an IRA member who had involvement in the murder of another IRA volunteer in Londonderry, Jim O’Hagan. After which he went 'on the run' for several years. O’Connor was subsequently forced to make admissions in both The Irish News and The Irish Times about his hidden past, but only after the Pat Finucane Centre had made a statement hours earlier decrying the allegations as false and as part of a British or Loyalist attempt to discredit the Centre and its work.! News Letter, 22.11.2019 - literally within hours of this denial, Paul O’Connor himself admitted to journalists that he had indeed been an IRA volunteer and that photographs of him in a group of armed IRA men in the Bogside were genuine. Paul O’Connor had for many years led a campaign highlighting so-called 'British and Loyalist human rights breaches' without substance or evidence while he masqueraded as a so-called trustworthy and independent 'human rights' activist gaining the ear of prominent politicians worldwide, especially within the Irish government. When photo's of Paul O’Connor armed with a rifle at an IRA checkpoint (Hoggs Folly in the Bogside or a transit van with IRA weaponry) did his funders demand that he stand down, No.? Did they not similarly call into serious question his activities in the Pat Finucane Centre as a so-called Human Right's Organisation, No.? Paul O’Connor for nearly 40 years hid his involvement in the murder of Jim O’Hagan, his involvement in gun and bomb attacks in Londonderry, his sworn allegiance to the IRA, a nefarious criminal cabal and the single greatest denier of Human Rights and Civil Rights in Northern Ireland. Also his sworn allegiance to the many lies required to be told by and on behalf of the IRA. Paul O’Connor raised monies for this allegedly bona fide Human Right's Organisation, from governments and other bodies, while he hid his IRA credentials and was regularly seen and photographed in the company of well-known IRA leaders in Belfast and Londonderry. Paul O’Connor was then interviewed as a credible star witness in 'Unquiet Graves' without any form of warning to viewers about his many years of dishonesty, double-life, secret bias and lies. He alone brings into question RTE credibility and also of RTE as an independent and ROI publicly-funded entity.

Should the viewers not have been warned of O’Connor’s lies, cover-ups and past.? Should the documentary makers not have warned viewers also of his hidden IRA past.? Why hasn’t there been interviews of the Pat Finucane Centre’s many Board Members about O’Connor’s dishonesty, lies and bias.? Then not unsurprisingly the Irish Government said it would continue its funding of the Pat Finucane Centre without reconsidering its Director’s participation in IRA Human Rights and Civil Rights atrocities.?

But unbelievably it is also funded and sustained not just by the EU but by Stormont's Executive Office.???


PART 2 - Expose The Pat Finucane Centre and the IRA Finucane Family Dynasty. Outlines a brief overview of Dermot Finucane's nefarious IRA crimes. How he avoided extradition from the ROI and its justice system & courts and how he eventually obtained an amnesty by Tony Blair...! Pat Finucane – had three brothers – John, Seamus and Dermot – all three were prominent IRA members committed to the IRA’s sectarian 'blood lust' campaign of violence and to its belief that it had the authority and power to extinguish the Civil Rights and Human Rights of ALL its many victims, from babes in a pram to individuals made into human bombs.! Dermot Finucane first and foremost was an IRA Human Right's Violator. He was arrested on February 7, 1981, the day after a 36-year-old police officer, Charles Lewis, was murdered coming out of a newsagent on Balmoral Avenue, Belfast. A second police officer was seriously wounded. Dermot was charged with the murder of Charles Lewis and remanded in custody. On May 22 Dermot was released after the DPP directed no prosecution ‘due to lack of corroborative evidence of identification’. However, Dermot was arrested three months later on August 20, 1981, along with the infamous 'Bobby Storey' after a British Army patrol came under fire from a car. The RUC thereupon noticed a car with three men mount a footpath, saw a rifle in the car and fired on it. Dermot Finucane surrendered to the RUC and survives. Found in the car was a .223 AR15 semi-automatic and a .223 M16 A1 semi-automatic weapons. Dermot was later sentenced to 18 years imprisonment for possession of weapons with intent to endanger life. It is noteworthy that far from an alleged ‘shoot to kill’ policy (which Sinn Fein continually allege) the RUC were continually arresting prominent IRA so-called volunteers in possession of guns and bombs and turning them over to the courts, again and again.! Whereas when the IRA abducted police, military and civilians, they always executed them, some of them after periods of torture! While IRA prisoners had human rights and a string of lawyers, victims of the IRA got no such rights, lawyers or mercies, like Jean McConville a mother of 10, just one of the 1,700 innocents murdered by the IRA. Dermot while serving his 18-year sentence participated in the IRA Maze Escape, in September 1983 during which it was recorded that HE stabbed several prison officers with a chisel. One officer James Ferris lost his life shortly after being stabbed three times during the Maze escape. Dermot Finucane was subsequently arrested in Annagh, Longford, in the Republic of Ireland on November 23, 1987, a