Exposing Republican Sympathisers

Colum Eastwood

This man would have you believe he is a man of Dignity - A man who wants Northern Ireland to work - A man that Represents a Political Party that wants to build on Relations throughout both Communities but the reality is

This is the Man that carries Republican Terrorists Coffins & his and his parties affiliation to the Republican Movement through the INLA & its ties to the IRSP & the drug cartels of Dublin ! , This is the man that uses Parliamentary Privilege's to Spew hatred of anything British as seen recently when he stood and named Soldier F by name for the world to see in his attempt to gain Hard lined Votes - Soldier F An Elderly Veteran whom has been cleared yet again by a court of law having been dragged before a judge repeatedly and repeatedly found innocent !! Now has had his security compromised by Colums actions acting on behalf of Terrorists in Naming him !!

We have deliberately covered the names below Because we believe in innocent till proven guilty !!

Recent Republican Terrorist Propaganda in the Londonderry Area less than 24 hours before Colum Eastwood & other known Republicans preyed on the MSM and peoples heart strings in the Republican Narrative of Bloody Sunday !! A 1 sided account of events !!

We Dispute This Vigorously


Close Associates to our Grouping

Alderman McKillop

Alderman Carson

Who both Stood alongside VASU With the late Dennis Hutchings at Belfast Crown Court .

***Eastwood must withdraw his shameful slur***

The DUP’s Armed Forces and Veterans’ Champions have called on the Leader of the SDLP to withdraw his shameful slur that the army was “sent to murder” civilians in Northern Ireland.

The group which represents the interests of veterans and their families across Northern Ireland said Mr Eastwood’s attempts to rewrite history would make even Sinn Fein blush.

In a joint statement they said.