Fare Thee Well Soldier K

Today we at VASU don't say Goodbye - we say “FARE THEE WELL

“ The muffled drum’s sad roll has beat

The soldier’s last tattoo;

No more on life’s parade shall meet

The brave and fallen few.

On fame’s eternal camping-ground

Their silent tents are spread,

And glory guards, with solemn round

The bivouac of the dead ”

🌺 Quis Separabit Brother 🌺

KEN WADDINGTON known to most as SOLDIER K - Ken was an up beat man born in 1943 & at a young age had decided on a life in the Military having served in both the Green Howards & 14th20th Kings Royal Hussars.

Ken having done successive tours of Northern Ireland serving his Queen & Country should have spent the latter years of life in peace & quiet but instead Ken became victim to the Endless Witch - Hunt of Op Banner Veterans .

Ken alongside VASU Admin & Guardsman Holden all attended the Late Dennis Hutchings Funeral as guests of Dennis’s Family.

Ken was awaiting his own Inquest Trial to begin in 2022 & the strains of such a trial & the pressures coming with it & not forgetting the lack of Empathy or Compassion from our Government added to his health deteriorating significantly in the last year.

Just recently Ken pictured below alongside Billy Dunbar & life long friend Joe Dixon despite the pressures he himself faced attended the M62 Coach Bombing Memorial to pay his respects alongside fellow VASU Admins .

Ken joined VASU in 2019 after seeing the Hard work the team does as volunteers in ensuring all those that have a role to play in this farce of a witch-hunt are held to account , the Team headed up by SAS Hero Rusty Firmin have ensured that The Plight of Op Banner Veterans are kept to the forefront of peoples minds both on Social Media & on the Streets , Like Dennis , Soldiers A & C , Soldier F & Guardsman Holden & other Veterans still in the process alongside the families have held a close bond with VASU knowing our only aim is Soldiers A-Z.