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Will shameful hounding of our Army veterans never end? FREDERICK FORSYTH

Phil Shiner

The Law Society struck off persistent persecutor Phil Shiner who had hounded hundreds of veterans

My abacus cannot recall the times our politicians have sworn that the persecution of our ex-soldiers who served in Iraq, Afghanistan and Northern Ireland would be terminated. The first two were brought by chancers hoping for a fat compensation cheque signed by the British taxpayers.

Various shyster lawyers represented the phoney claimants but rigorous re-examinations found no murderers or torturers in our uniform. Eventually the Law Society struck off persistent persecutor Phil Shiner who had hounded hundreds of veterans (all exonerated) and written copiously for The Guardian.

Now the Police Service of Northern Ireland has re-opened the hounding of 12 veterans who served there, even though they are all now very elderly, some in frail health, and all have already been investigated once – with a finding of “no case to answer”.

And still the hounding of veterans goes on. For the record, 722 servicemen were murdered over there. Prosecutions of known IRA gunmen by the PSNI – zero.

I once had a ray of hope when Johnny Mercer, ex-combat soldier, became Minister for Veterans but even he has proved impotent in the face of the Britain-hating forces within our degenerate Establishment.

Sir Iain Duncan Smith (ex-Guards officer Northern Ireland) heads the Veterans Support Group of more than 40 Tory MPs who are doing their best but they too seem powerless. And what is Boris doing? Bumbling away.

What infuriates the fair-minded is that these ex-soldiers have faced not one but repeated cycles of probes, witch-hunts that go on

and on.

Is there any country in the world that will so eagerly amnesty its enemies while hounding those who put their lives on the line for it? Try thinking of one. You’ll fail.