Government Legislation Bill Right Or Wrong

Updated: May 25

The Governments Rushed Veterans Legislation despite all it’s current doubts & flaws has been passed by 77 votes in it’s 2nd reading

It was Opposed by all MP’s from Northern Ireland !

Limited dialogue was given today but Government admit they met & agreed with people “Terrorists” whom do not want to be mentioned nor made public !!

We at Veterans & Supporters United who consist of Veterans & Supporters of Veterans & who also tirelessly Raise Awareness for Soldiers A-Z including standing with Soldiers A-Z do not agree to this Legislation in it’s current form ! This Legislation should be Paused before reaching the House Of Lords & worked on to actually Protect Veterans & Victims correctly , Give closure to Victims of Terrorists yet forbid Terrorists from immunity !!

As it Stands it vastly Benefits Terrorists & the Government from Embarrassment - All the while dangling a carrot to Veterans to accept if they want any form of Protection

This must first be worked on - Tweaked & agreed by Parties including

Victims of Terrorism in Northern Ireland

Real Victims of Incidents including Security Personnel not simply a wish of prosecuting Veterans

Families of Security Personnel Killed & Maimed in the line of duty thwarting Terrorism in Britain

Veterans whom have suffered not only Vexatious Witch - Hunts , PTSD & Trauma from tours of duty

In Reality What it is saying ??

All Inquiries , Inquests , Proposed Prosecutions must only be allowed via the ICRIR structure no other means will be allowed to continue .

All those Inquests & Ultimately Prosecutions that are ongoing or that will be started on or before It is made law will continue in it’s Entirety. Thats every last case that is in the 5 year set aside planned framework - you can view that in an earlier post on

What it is also saying that Terrorists in Jail at the moment Can apply for immediate release from Prison