The Troubles Legacy Bill Is Delayed Again And May Not Become Law Until Summer at the Earliest ! .

Brandon Lewis

A contentious bill which deals with Troubles legacy cases faces not being put into law until the summer at the earliest , as the government is still ironing out the final details of the legislation.

Ministers had planned to bring the legislation forward before Christmas, with the aim of completing its passage through parliament before the Northern Ireland Assembly elections on 5 May.

However, a Government source told us that they needed more time to "get it right" and that the legislation might not make it onto the statute books until late spring or early summer.

They stressed that the government would rather take more time carefully finalising the legislation than rush it onto the floor of parliament, given the highly sensitive nature of the issue.

MPs are set to raise the issue in an adjournment debate on Thursday, initiated by Conservative MP and ex-minister Johnny Mercer, who is an outspoken critic of the government's approach to Legacy issues.Having seen first hand the continued interference from Minister appointed civil servants .



Johnny Mercer who accompanied Soldiers A & C , Soldier F & the late Dennis Hutchings to Belfast Alongside Veterans & Supporters United & other Northern Ireland based Veterans & Supporters accused Northern Ireland secretary Brandon Lewis of having missed eight "of his own deadlines" for publishing the legislation, the first being the 18th March 2020 that led to the summer 2020 followed by early 2021 then Summer recess quickly drummed up promising it would be passed by Autumn 2021 and the latest being before Christmas 2021 where it was first banded it would be done by the Queens Speech which has already been moved further again now back to the Summer 2022 . That can forever being kicked by a Useless Self preserving Government - all the while Elderly Op Banner Veterans face this non stop witch hunt at the behest of Republican Narratives .!.

The real Question is where are those 45 MP’s that once stood up and voiced their full support for our Elderly Veterans ??


The question of how to deal with crimes committed during the 30-year sectarian conflict has been in the government's in-tray for several years, with Boris Johnson promising a solution in his 2019 general election manifesto Which he has failed on Time & Time again .

At the time of Johnny Mercer being the Veterans Minister in charge of Convincing Veterans in early 2020 - we at Veterans & Supporters United having held meetings with the likes of Dennis Hutchings & the Veterans Commissionaire to Northern Ireland had discovered despite assurances from all within Government that they where working hard 24/7 in this delicate instance had not even as much as put pen to paper !! Now in 2022 it looks likely this is still the case !


In early June - July , the Government noticing Veterans anger was taking to the streets & gathering momentum quickly instructed Mark Francois & Brandon Lewis who hatched a well thought out plan and seduced some well known Veterans after finally meeting with them first in Northern Ireland then quickly followed by meeting them collectively in the “ Northern Ireland Office ” in mid August 2021 into believing Their set to white wash Amnesty plans which where nothing more than plans set to fail & they “ jointly ” quickly announced a divisive plan to end all prosecutions of ex-paramilitaries “ Terrorists ” on both sides of the conflict hoping to win their support , in order to push for equal treatment on the same level playing field of former British Soldiers now many whom are 60 years of age + , who are accused “ not convicted ” of crimes during The period known as the Troubles. Th