Guardsman Holden

Guardsman Dave Holden’s Trial is set to begin on 28th March 2022 & will last anything up to 5 weeks , Despite no new evidence being produced or indeed anything differing from the last time he faced the Judge in Dungannon in 2020 & again in his preliminary hearing in Belfast , His case has been sent to the Crown Court Belfast .!

Dave & His Family has asked that no fuss be made around Belfast Court House - Rather he would appreciate personal private messages of support.

He thanks Everyone that has supported him throughout his case thus far .!

Whilst We as a grouping will adhere to his wishes those that attend in a personal capacity - Thank You !!

Dave’s Trial is via a Dip-lock Style Court similar to the Late Dennis Hutchings.


What is a Dip-lock court & what was it introduced for ??!

Diplock courts were criminal courts in Northern Ireland for non-jury trial of specified serious crimes ("scheduled offences"). They were introduced by the Northern Ireland (Emergency Provisions) Act 1973, used for political and terrorism-related cases during the Troubles,[1]and abolished by the Justice and Security (Northern Ireland) Act 2007. Non-jury trial remains possible in Northern Ireland on a case-by-case certification rather than automatically applying for scheduled offences.

These Style of Trial where introduced by a

British Government - to Trial Terrorists in a British Court.

Now being used by Terrorist aligned Solicitors to Drag Elderly Veterans to Court



Brandon Lewis like many Politicians before him made a promise to Veterans that the Government would implement prote