Guardsman Holden Trial Day 4

Todays proceedings started 20 minutes later than scheduled .

As always Guardsman Holden arrived early.

VASU Northern Ireland Branch as always showing a presence of support outside Belfast Crown Court

Due to the Chief Prosecutor Mr Murphy testing positive for COVID, the trial of David Holden has been adjourned until he tests negative.

Some forensic reports were read into court records.

Today Statements were read out to the court from the time of the tragic accident from both RUC , Soldiers present & Guardsman Holdens Statement also read out in court for admission.

Proceedings then stopped early Today due to Mr Murphy Being unable to attend until he tests negative - The Proceedings are Due to begin again in approx 1 weeks time “ date yet to be confirmed ”.

The judge has said he will give priority to this trial as soon as it is able to resume.

David remains is good spirits.


In the meantime We at VASU & indeed on behalf of all Veterans wish Guardsman Holden all the best in this farce of a trial which serves to only make those affected re live the trauma from 1988 !

VASU will as always update & maintain a presence at the court in support of Soldier A-Z Q.S