Guardsman Holden Trial Day 7

Guardsman Holdens trial resumed today following the Easter break.


The defence expert forensic witness was reviewing the prosecution forensic evidence this afternoon. Interestingly the judge made this comment while trying to get clarity of the evidence. ‘It might be negligent but not deliberate’ (The firing of the weapon).

Most of the afternoon revolved around technical issues on the workings of the GPMG.

Prosecution cross examination sought to overturn arguments gained by defence counsel.

The judge ruled that Guardsman Doherty’s evidence was read into the court records by the prosecution. He will not appear at court due to being mentally unfit.


Court Has been once again adjourned until Friday 6 May to allow submissions and rulings.

The agony goes on for Guardsman Holden & his family.


As always VASU will maintain a presence at the court throughout ..