Guardsman Holden Trial Resumption

Once again the trial of Guardsman Dave Holden resumes on Friday 08th at 11am

People May forget 34 years have passed since the tragic accident but the memories for those involved have not !!

Dave has to re-live the trauma as does a family whom lost a loved one wether Republican in nature or Not ! That trauma is bare yet again these past few weeks as the endless accounts in this case get read / spoken out in court .


We at Veterans & Supporters United have supported Guardsman Holden since day 1 and will once again have Representation outside the Belfast Court in Support .

2 days last week there was harsh words spoken both ways in a heated time for all involved “ Thankfully this was in no way attributed to our members who remained dignified at all times ”

Please if attending in support do not get sucked into provocation nor harsh words - we are there to Support not cause issues . Remember Media are present & often look for things to twist ! Let‘s not give them the opportunity.

Local PSNI have a presence at the court for safety - please follow there instructions & above all else Remember we are Representing Veterans and as such must remain Dignified .


Guardsman Holden asked that you all be made aware he is grateful for all the support that is given to him , He remains low key in his quest to be once again found Not Guilty ! He can then move on with his life & put this behind him

We Have Your Back Dave !! QS