Guardsman Holden Trial to resume

Updated: 7 days ago

Guardsman Holden’s Trial will once again resume on Tuesday 21st June 10:30 am at Belfast Crown Court , Justice Ohara proceeding with the final submissions being made.

Justice Ohara has indicated that he will be making his ruling shortly after & is said to have stated that proceedings will come to a close by the end of June with a final Verdict being made …

This is a stressful time for both Dave , His Wife & there entire family circle please give them the love & support from all in the Veterans Plight.

We at Veterans & Supporters United having supported Dave throughout his unjust Persecution rightly speak on behalf of the Entire Veterans Community & indeed the Entire Supporters of Veterans when we say

Best Of Luck Dave - Hold your Head High - We hope common sense prevails.


There are no winners in these Vexatious Show trials - these show trials only serve to re - open the wounds for both Families of the deceased & indeed the Veteran facing these allegations ..


In closing this blog Veterans & Supporters United as always will be leading from the front in our continued Raising of Awareness to these ongoing Inquests & Trials both outside the Belfast Court & also on the streets in handing out leaflets & making people aware that despite assurances & promises these trials are still happening !!


Q.S Dean