Guardsman Holden Update & BallyMurphy Inquest

Updated: Jan 26

Guardsman Holden has had his case Delayed further “ MONDAY 28th March ” provisional date !

Whilst in the short term this brings some relief to Himself & His family , this also simply just adds to pressure knowing yet again he is having to await another looming date !

Dave thanks everyone who has Supported him throughout his case & as always remains hopeful common sense prevails.

As always Veterans & Supporters United Stand with all Soldiers A-Z

below Rusty , Cyril & Billy showing VASU support.


The Findings of the ballymurphy Inquest have been sent across to the PPS in Northern Ireland .

It could potentially pave the way for criminal prosecutions NONE Of Which Are Terrorists , more than half a century later.

Last May an inquest found that the ten people killed in west Belfast in the wake of an Army operation in 1971 were "entirely innocent”. - It is widely believed that Troops fired the fatal shots but this has always been challenged by some whom say they where hit by 7.62 calibre also 9mm Calibre weapons & there was rumours it was own goals from the Terrorists in order to secure Community backing ! - There is also Speculation a lone Unionist Sniper was active also Firing 7.62 & 9mm Calibre

Lady Chief Justice Siobhan Keegan, who as coroner heard the inquest, wrote to the Director of Public Prosecutions, Stephen Herron, last Tuesday, January 11.

She sent a copy of her verdict and her findings under section 35(3) of the Justice (NI) Order 2002.

Section 35(5) states: “Where the circumstances of any death which has been, or is being, investigated by a coroner appear to the coroner to disclose that an offence may have been committed against the law of Northern Ireland or the law of any other country or territory, the coroner must as soon as practicable send to the Director a written report of the circumstances."

John Teggart, whose father Danny Teggart was among the victims, welcomed the move.

He said: “It is imperative that the Director of Public Prosecutions promptly and thoroughly investigate the actions of British soldiers at Ballymurphy. Again no mention of Terrorists who where active on the ground & engaged in Gun battles with troops .