Gurkha Comrades Let Down

Gurkha Veterans whom we at Veterans & Supporters United continue to support who took to Hunger Strike in order to get their plight acknowledged only asked for 1 thing


As soon as the Main Stream Media started reporting on the plight unfolding in front of Boris Johnson front door & with actions undertaken by some Police being recorded live from the Pen facing number 10 Downing Street - Government on a damage limitations exercise sent ⬇️⬇️

Leo Docherty himself who promised Dhan Gurung Rana Pushpa RL & Gyanraj Rai that as Veterans Minister that he would ensure the right thing was done !! He then in UK Parliament As per usual another Minister that Reneges on promises made by a UK government

Rusty Firmin & other well known Veterans travelled and met with our brave Gurkha Veterans asking only to be treated as equals !!

We at Veterans & Supporters United UK will once again stand Shoulder to Shoulder as will all Veterans with our Gurkha Comrades.