Holden Case Postponed

Yesterday Guardsman Holden waited patiently the outcome of where his farcical show trial to appease Republicans was to be held & less than 24hours later

today As Guardsman Holden - his Family & indeed his Legal Team where preparing themselves to attend that Dreaded Case over in Belfast in this never ending Witch - Hunt - they learned that once again this trial which has had more adjournments through this process than most cases was once again being postponed at the 11th hour & pushed further ahead into 2022 .

This continued messing about does not do Dave or indeed his Family any good both emotionally & physically !

If we are to learn anything from the late Dennis Hutchings Trial is that more Empathy and more Correspondence & indeed Support from all aspects of Government , both the Veteran & Civilian Community alike is also required .

We at Veterans & Supporters United have been steadfast in our Approach to cases & our Support for all Soldiers A-Z & as we role into another long year of more Inquests & indeed like Dave Holden - Looming Trials we will continue to hound those that have a role to play in this Witch-Hunt .

Today we also learned that instead of engaging like professionals the team from the PSNI that are tasked with contacting potential witnesses Many years after this tragic accident where rather illiterate in their approach to a witness in this case .!.


Wise words from SAS Hero Rusty Firmin

if approached in reference to the period known as the Northern Ireland Troubles

Do Not Co-Operate

Do Not Engage

Say Nothing

“ Im Sorry Sir I Cannot Remember “

” If You Care then Share “