Not only where Brandon Lewis , Boris Johnson , The Northern Ireland Office , The Ministry Of Defence , and with their continued Silence - The Houses of Commons & Lords Complacent in the Tragic Death of the Late Dennis Hutchings

But also in how Brandon Lewis Personally instructed the MOD in how it Handled his repatriation home !!

The simple facts are that Government are Complacent in allowing Veterans to be fed to the Republican Narrative & Witch Hunt in order to secure the Republican Terror Groups promise of no bombs on the Mainland !! It is becoming clearer by the day that the Governments of today from Tony Traitor Blair can do no wrong as long as they keep Promising False hopes , Keep promising to end this farce - yet are only interested in self preservation .


In 8 days time another Veteran Guardsman Dave Holden - the 5th Veteran in the past Year to face this farce of a witch hunt “ with the previous 4 Veterans being found innocent at trial “ is to be dragged Many Many Years later despite having been found innocent previously back into the Court Arena in a Diplock Style Court created by the British Justice System to trial Terrorists now being used to trial those brave men & women whom stood up to Terrorism on behalf of our British Government within Britain !!

Veterans & Supporters United will have Representatives at the Court as always alongside other Veterans & Supporters to ensure that Dave Holden does not face this farce alone !!


Our Message to Brandon Lewis - the Northern Ireland Office - to those whom are within the Veteran Community trying to dupe us into believing the bollox Brandon Lewis is trying to spew in order to white wash everything including

Soldiers A-Z

Victims of Terrorism

Families of Security Personnel Killed & Maimed in the bloody Conflict