How Deep The Betrayal

Almost 100 IRA fugitives who were given "letters of comfort" from Tony Blair's government stating they were no longer wanted for past crimes are suspects in nearly 300 murder cases, the IRA "on the runs" included notorious individuals who were linked to 200 murder investigations – which should anger anyone unhappy with the so-called "get-out-of-jail" scheme.95 IRA recipients of the letters were of interest in connection with 295 killings from the Troubles between 1969 and 1998.Thanks to the secret scheme Blair's administration hatched with Sinn Féin as part of a wider compact to secure IRA decommissioning of arms and later Sinn Féin's support for policing and the rule of law.

The secret scheme was exposed in the collapse of the prosecution relating to the 1982 Hyde Park bomb atrocity, which killed four soldiers. John Downey was released in February after his legal team produced a letter from 2007, which suggested he would not be prosecuted , There were 228 people who had received the letters. some were "notorious, without a doubt" revealing that "95 of these individuals are linked in some way or other to 200 murder investigations.95 people are holding letters excusing the murder of 200 people.there has been only one conviction of an IRA fugitive for a past Troubles crime out of the "on the runs" who have received the letters of assurance before the establishment in 2007 of a specialist police unit established to deal with unsolved crimes from the conflict – the historical inquiries team – the investigation files into the 228 IRA "on the runs" whom the Blair government had given the letters to had been closed.


One of the less talked about set of Victims of Republican Terrorists is MP’s themselves - Many MP’s where attacked & Murdered during the Troubles with the IRA successively targeting them even in Westminster … The main reason there was not much coverage is due to Labour / Conservative Party Whip’s in effect silencing members & indeed members families from speaking out !! Now however in 2022 as the Government set about trying under Brandon Lewis To white wash an Amnesty under the name legislation it will take away the ability for Mp’s families , Victims & Victim groups of Republican Terrorists Atrocities from ever being able to seek justice - Government in effect are trying to buy silence by dangling that carrot in front of Soldiers A-Z.


The betrayal of Victims , The betrayal of Veterans both Armed Forces & RUC has been happening since

Margaret Thatcher - It culminated with Tony Traitor Blair who effectively gave Sinn Fein & it’s Military wing Immunity in return for assurances Canary Wharf would be it’s last Bomb ! The IRA knew there & then that an attack on Britains Money was the winner !!

Since then successive Governments have conceded time & time again to Republican Terrorists who now wear suits !!

Is it any wonder Tony Blair locked the files for 100 years


Recently a Republican rioter seen here

Shot on bloody Sunday as he attacked Troops on the ground was this week awarded £138,000 in damages... When will this charade end ??