Is Government Acting For Veterans At Long Last

Whilst we at VASU welcome Today’s Statement from Brandon Lewis we cautiously refrain from patting him or anyone else on the back or saying Victory !!

You may ask why - Simple !

Since 2018 when Boris Johnson first declared his running for Prime Minister 1 of his Promises was Ending the Witch -Hunt of Op Banner Veterans — In return Veterans & Supporters of Veterans Voted for Boris !

Since then we have heard rumbles of promises made & then Reneged on Time & Time again , on the 18th March 2020 Both the then Veterans Minister Johnny Mercer & Brandon Lewis both promised a draft legislation would be passed in relation to Northern Ireland Veterans in 1 Month “ VASU made a statement that day denouncing this as simple waffle having been tipped off from within the house of lords that no bill existed on paper ” The month quickly got extended to 6 months then again 12 months - in August 2021 again it was promised in 6 months then In December 2021 Brandon kicked that can once again for the 10th time until the Queens Speech in May , Now having released a statement “Remember Its Simply A Statement Until It Is Made Law & The Draft Passes Through Both The Houses Of Lords & Commons” That can has been kicked once again down the road till November 2022 as of Today giving 6 months of continued Witch Hunting by Republicans Determined to get a pound of Veteran Meat !! Giving 6 months for changes to be made over & over again

November is close to Governments Christmas Recess & if any tweaking or adjusting needs done then that Veterans can Gets kicked once again into 2023 & so on !!

As we state we sit Cautious & Watch Closely - We learned quickly when dealing with Politicians that if you bet on a Winner you often get a Donkey in return


Today we feel sorry for Victims of Republican Terrorists who have been ignored ..

Today we feel sorry for families of Security Forces Killed & Maimed by Republican Terrorists who have been left neglected to suck it up in a Government /Terrorist cover up.

Today we feel the Anger & Frustration that so many Veterans of the conflict Op Banner feel having went through hell only to be cast aside .

Today we are Angered that our UK Government deal with Convicted Terrorists in Stormont !!


In closing this blog

This fight is far from over & anyone who thinks it is nearing closure is sadly mistaken - VASU will continue to work alongside Soldiers A-Z & we continue to work closely with Dennis Hutchings Family as they not only strive to clear his name but also strive to continue his legacy & clear all Soldiers A-Z’s names !!