Johnny Mercer

The big Egoes & Groups said without thousands we wouldnt get anywhere having our as they put it small meeningless pickets with small numbers -- well newsflash yet again Veterans & Supporters United have proved them all wrong !!

Over pops Johnny Mercer for a chat with our 24 hour Picket Team

Johny Mercer stoped by for a conversation, with David Nott, Josh Aktbaker and myself,

He said Wednesday isn't regarding NI veterans soldiers A to Z but they are being worked on, that his trying to stop Dennis Hutchings going to court.

He was asked if his in contact and discussion with Boris our PM regarding this, he insured us, there is the right noises coming from Number 10 and spoken to Boris Johnson just last week who fully supports the NI veterans.

He was well aware that Dennis is court in January and that is doing everything he can to help but that NI is more complex and stated the reasons. It won't be discussed on here.

We asked if he would do a live interview, he was off for a meeting and if his got time after the meeting he will come back.

Well done Veterans & Supporters United London & Surrounding Area Branch ✊

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