Mark 28th March in your Calendar

Guardsman Holden’s Trial is set once again “ Subject to Change ” to begin on March 28th 2022 at Belfast Court House 2 full years after Brandon Lewis promised protection to Op Banner Veterans & an end to this farce !

This trial unopposed by Government was due to begin on January 10th but was postponed yet again at the last minute causing yet more Anxiety & Worry to both Dave & his family.

This farce of a Witch - Hunt spear headed by Republican Solicitors via the Families continues with yet another Veteran whom having been previously cleared is now being dragged back to court yet again by a defunct PPS to appease the Republican Narrative as they set about re - writing history whilst systematically deleting from peoples memory their part played in the conflict by deflecting everything at the very people sent to prevent the Terrorist Genocide . The promised protection from Government in 2019 is no where to be seen with Brandon Lewis lying time after time continually giving Veterans & Victims false hope !!

Veterans are being used as pawns on a chess board between the Terrorist & Government as they hammer out in secret how both sides walk away unscathed whilst duping both Victims , Victims Families & Veterans.


In Northern Ireland - Ground Zero of the Conflict the memory of Victims of Republican Terrorists



Not Everyone can make the trip across the Irish Sea to stand in support of Soldiers A-Z in Belfast …

But we can all play a part in showing

Unity - By being outside your local Crown Court in support of Dave whilst he himself is in Court in Belfast.

Engage - Speak to passers by & let them become aware of why you stand outside your local Crown Court . Making sure to tell them that Government despite public addresses on MSM are still Reneging on there promises.