New year New approach

Good morning all - as part of our new approach on our quest to keep highlighted the continued injustices our Op Banner Veterans face at the hands of this continued IRA Witch Hunt , we have Branched into small Admin led teams doing Localised Pickets throughout the UK to keep the plight alive & in the minds constantly this coupled with our Branches allows us to be able to picket more places at more times ... If you can and would like to help & get involved contact admin .

Also we say " Fare Thee Well "to British Veteran this page has went through changes recently and has decided to focus more on raising Funds for Soldiers A - Z & their Dependents . If you would like to Donate or indeed get involved you can contact Paul Skinner & his Team on .

We wish Paul & his team all the best on their quest & as a group will help when & where we can & when our funds from the sale of our merchandise allow will make Donations as a grouping .

Our focus has & will remain about Soldiers A - Z only

✊ Quis Separabit ✊

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