Northern Ireland Frustration

Whilst We at Veterans & Supporters United fully understand the lack of Leadership from Unionism / Government & the complete Contempt from the Chief Constable & the complete farce surrounding Sinn Fein IRA " THE UNTOUCHABLES "

Frustration & fury is at its highest from Drumcree - young loyalists have been sucked into the vacuum created & rightly or wrongly have vented over the last 7 days their Anger at being ignored from those that they look to for Leadership

Please Remember those that ignore us do so willingly

Please Remember most Police are only following the orders from the Chief Constable

Please Remember its our own Streets, Towns & Communities that suffers each time Cars are burnt, each time Bins are set on fire & streets get left with debris


Police will go back home outside these areas unhindered

Politicians will simply live lavishly as they do outside these areas

Sinn Fein will continue to flamboyantly prevoke a reaction by blatantly flaunting the laws regardless

Government will still ignore us just like they do Veterans & Soldiers A - Z.

Please Please Remember :⚠️

We have Elderly Residents that will be scared at trouble outside their homes

We will have Veterans with P.T.S.D that will be scared with trouble outside their Homes & Remember these same Veterans kept our Communities safe from the worst of the IRA Terrorist Attacks.

We have people in the communities that need care & care workers may not be able to attend due to trouble outside..

If we are to learn from our mistakes of Drumcree - its to keep the Community onside & not to Wreck our own Estates thats the reaction



Police Chief Constable

Sinn Fein IRA

Paramilitaries want

Instead take the numbers, picket Police Stations, Politicians, PSNI HQ, Stormont

Ports, Airports etc. Peacefully demand Change hound those that need hounded 24/7 But in the face of everything. Stay calm & Dignified - dont react to an action that is the goal....

That aside Stay Safe & Continue to Awaken Northern Ireland to this Farce thrust apon us all just like We at Veterans & Supporters United alongside other Veteran Groupings will continue to highlight the Injustices Op Banner Veterans face in this endless witch hunt by IRA Sinn Fein