Northern Ireland Renews its Awareness For Soldiers A-Z

Today local Supporters of Veterans in Northern Ireland from “ Operation Banner Supporters Group ” took to the streets of Lisburn spreading the message of the continued Persecution & Prosecution Op Banner Veterans face in this farce of a Witch hunt . Well done to you guys for your commitment passion & time .


Veterans & Supporters of Veterans from our VASU Northern Ireland Branch will in 2022 once again be hitting the streets of Northern Ireland in the coming weeks to further raise the much needed awareness within each Town - Engaging with locals & passers by , handing out leaflets & encouraging others to join the fight thats right


Many people have seen the likes of Brandon Lewis & Others on tv & in the National & Regional Papers mentioning Statutes of Limitations & brandishing the Amnesty word hoping to dupe people into believing the Government is trying to do whats right.

For Whom Exactly ??

The Government of Today & Each Government since Tony Traitor Blair sold out Great Britain to appease Terrorists in 1998

The Terrorists Themselves many of whom have letters of comfort assured by the then Government

The Civil Servants & MP’s

The Officers

1 thing is for sure

It’s not for :

The real Victims of Republican Terrorists,

The families of Service personnel killed or indeed maimed .

nor is it for