Opening Words for 2022

Wise words from Rusty Firmin , David Ellis & the team at VASU

2022 is a go !!!!!

Lets learn from the lessons of 2021 !!

No More Parading around empty London Streets nor shouting through loud speakers - no more riding in circles around WestMinster

2022 is the time for each and every Veteran

Each and every Supporter of Veterans to get out into the fresh air in your Villages -Towns & Cities that you all live in & get talking - Talking to everyone you meet - enlighten them to the struggle of Soldiers A-Z , join others locally and visit your local MP demand their Public Support for our Op Banner Veterans .

We Veterans & Supporters of Veterans need to band together as equals - not behind that one person that wants to lead because we are all leaders but leaders as equals .

Dave Holden is up on trial in 9 days !! In Belfast -The same kind of court that Dennis had & the same Judge !!

Shortly followed by another & another & another 54 live cases with over 240 more at various stages …… not including RUC , SAS nor UDR

Over 1000 cases

All the while the cowardly , lying , backstabbing Government kick that empty can further & further away whilst duping us as always with false faces & false promises

Our beloved Dennis & His Family did not want pitty nor did they want a fuss made around his departure from this farce —— They Simply wanted Veterans to have a voice & more importantly Dennis Hutchings wanted this fight for Soldiers A - Z to continue !!

Veterans & Supporters United

“ Enough Really Is Enough “

No Means No