Operation Banner 2022

Over the course of the next 4-5 weeks our Northern Ireland Branch Members will be out & about once again in the Unionist areas of Northern Ireland placing Banners of support for Soldiers A-Z .

These Banners will be seen by thousands of People throughout 2022 whom we know are fully supportive of our Armed Forces & our Veterans & keep it fresh in peoples minds that those brave Men & Women “ Our Heroes “ Whom protected us 24/7 throughout the Troubles from the Murderous Campaign waged by Republican Terrorists .


We also continue our Partnership with the Cloughfern Young Conquerers flute band during the Marching Season 2022 who will once again be spreading the word within the Unionist Community by once again Carrying proudly our Groups Standard further raising that much needed awareness .

Thank you David Workman - who always carries this with pride , dignity & honour


Our Banners Procurement

This is achieved by the kind donations people such as yourselves make throughout the year to our grouping & by the small purchases from within our small shop - again each purchase is further raising awareness in its own right .

If You Would Like To Make A Small Donation Or Indeed A Purchase You Can Do So Via Our Webpage - Shop , We Thank You In Advance


When you see the Banners


Take a Picture

Send it in to us