Operation London Stand For Whats Right

One of our brave Ladies of our London & Surrounding Areas Branch bravely holding a stand alone picket at the Irish Embassy London.

Veterans & Supporters United

Prove you dont need thousands to Protest or indeed to get noticed & interviewed by local media , we use our pickets to hand out Leaflets , explain to the many un aware of this injustice that our Op Banner Veterans still face thanks to a concerted effort by the Main Stream Media & Government to keep it quiet from our population and allow it to continue quietly unhindered .

Not On Our Watch

This Lady " Lynn " is single handedly making a statement that our group will continue to hound & highlight those that play a part in this continued Witch hunt of our Soldiers A - Z .!.

To date in 2020 our group have Picketed the following :

To name but a few :

🔹 Police Forensic Science both Northern Ireland & Yorkshire

🔹 Thiepval Barracks Northern Ireland

🔹 Belfast High Court / Newtownards Court

🔹 Various courts throughout the UK

🔹 RBL Leeds - Bennet house RBL Northern Ireland & Various other RBL Rest bite Facilities

🔹 Warrington

🔹 Leeds

🔹 Canterbury

🔹 Catterick Garrison

🔹 Various TA & Armed Forces Camps

🔹 Armed Forces Careers Offices

🔹 Harrogate Army Training Barracks

🔹 P.S.N.I

With many many more localised weekly pickets

We have hounded Unionist leaders , Sinn Fein IRA , Pat Finucane Centre , Johnny Mercer , Brandon Lewis , Boris Johnson & all who play a part in this shambles of a witch hunt & will continue to do so .

We have as a Group in 2020 helped Promote a Completely Seperate Transparent Fund set up by a voluntary Committee with it being Overseen by Dennis Hutchings himself . This fund has 2 parts to it authorised by Dennis

🔹 To help the Soldiers A - Z & Dependents when required

🔹 To be used in the interim to promote the plight of Soldiers A - Z through Flyers , Banners , Flags & Ribbons etc with all proceeds of donations going directly into the fund.