Pre Day 6 Dennis Trial

Reflecting on Yesterdays Side swipe by the fire arms expert in giving his evidence to the Court - “ He stated that 2 Tracer round shells where found lying side by side at the scene “

This took both the defence & prosecution by surprise .

Given this case in particular has been years in the making - for this to be bowled into it now after the Ministry of Defence Police - The S.I.B the then RUC & indeed whatever other scenes of crime that would have been on the scene that day & the subsequent days after the shooting - would make you wonder Why has it took so long for such a statement or indeed evidence if any to come to light in this instance ??

The Judge will rule tomorrow if this will affect the trial.

Tomorrow the DCI Maguiness cross examination begins - followed by at least 2-3 other witnesses from Dennis Hutchings arrest by P.S.N.I on DCI Maguiness orders onwards .

Dennis was more up-beat having both his Son & Parner by his side & Thanked all Supporters at the court for standing Shoulder to Shoulder with him .

The trial Continues ….. 10:15 am Friday