The current situation ref: the unfair trials against Soldiers A-Z are due to start Early Jan 2021. We at Veterans & Supporters United will once again be inside the court room by our Veterans side in Support - we will be right accross the uk in support at various locations also

No other groups admins have stepped up and joined us in Belfast supporting the Veteran in the dock !!

🔹Dave Holden

🔹Dennis Hutchings

🔹Soldiers A&C

🔹Soldier F

These men are all being fed to the wolves by our MOD , Politicians & our Government in order to protect the

🔹Officers of the day

IRA SINN FEIN are running havoc against our Veterans whilst many including SINN FEIN members enjoy immunity from prosecution thanks to

🔹Tony Blair & every Prime Minister since !!

Their failure to introduce Legislation to protect our Elderly Veterans from the very same Terrorist in a suit is SHOCKING

End the continued Persecution & Prosecution of our. Soldiers A-Z