Today on the 35th Anniversary We Remember the Successful Operation by Covert SAS Men that Thwarted a vicious Republican Terrorist cell from ever unleashing more Death & Destruction upon the Innocents of Northern Ireland .


The 8th of May 1987, the day the SAS would cut the cancer out of a community this was the day that individuals all members of the very active and ruthless EAST TYRONE BRIGADE of the PROVISIONAL I.R.A with only murder on their minds made their way into the armagh village with the intention to attack the RUC barracks in the village and murder those in the building, just shortly before 19.00 HRS just as the station was due to close three IRA members boarded a JCB and proceded towards the building with a 300lb semtex bomb in the bucket smashing into the side wall the bomb primed exploded destroying the building the other 5 following in a van heavily armed who jumped out the van and started firing into the barracks, unbeknown to the attackers, undercover soldiers of the SAS appeared from hidden positions, immediately opening fire on them in the aftermath 8 highly active operators of the East Tyrone unit had been eliminated, sadly a civilian returning from work was caught up in the gun battle and sadly lost his life within hours the rumours were circulating of the ambush and the possibility that they had been informed on that there was a serious leak within the organisation, one name cropping up on more than one occasion was that of GERRY ADAMS who apparently had,, had a disagreement months earlier with members of East Tyrone unit BETRAYAL WITHIN PARAMILITARY ORGANISATIONS IS NOT UNHEARD OF THEY ARE RIDDLED, SAVE YOUR OWN SKIN MATERIAL,



Wise Words From SAS Hero Rusty Firmin

We “SAS” worked covertly within Northern Ireland against a well organised , well trained , well equipped & well funded Terrorist Organisation , These covert operations where by no means easy due to the fact the enemy operated within it’s own area like a gorilla army protected by the very community it hailed from “ many of which suffered Death & Anguish by the very same Terrorists they protect” . We operated alongside MI5 , MI6 , 14 int & others to gather intel , locate & eliminate the enemy as it was carrying out active targeting & committing Terrorist Atrocities.

Loughgall was a turning point in the conflict simply because we eliminated not only Terrorists as they committed Terrorism but also it was one of there “IRA” toughest most brutal Cells the East Tyrone Brigade .! This sent shockwaves throughout the Terrorist Organisation & we believe that is what helped turn many towards peaceful political means . It certainly let there Active Units know what they faced each time they set foot outside .