Guardsman Holden day 1

Guardsman Holden arrived at court in Belfast today alongside Minister Mercer & Paul Del Young “ Dave looking every part the guardsman he once was ” . alongside his regimental friend whom accompanied him .

sight - Link

For those wishing to follow proceedings at Guardsman Holdens Trial please copy & paste into Pexip - this app needs downloaded from play store / apple store first . This will be the same pass for each day ..

PLEASE ENSURE ON ENTERING TO MUTE CAMERA & SOUND otherwise you may be removed .

this is a free to use service for those that cannot make the court in person .


VASU Northern Ireland Branch held a dignified presence throughout the Todays proceedings at Belfast . They shall maintain a presence throughout the trial .

We must stress - those attending please do not get sucked into verbal exchanges outside the court - this only serves to play into the media - families narrative .


Well done Warrington - Runcorn & Midlands branch who held an awareness day to coincide with Guardsman Holdens Trial .

Thank you to all whom attended