Soldiers A & C acquitted

We here at Veterans and Supporters United are elated to inform you that Soldier A and C have been acquitted. Justice has finally prevailed. It has been a long, hard road with lots of upset along the way but tonight these elderly veterans can sit down for dinner with their respective families in the full knowledge that yet again they have been exonerated. Although the prosecution has appealed the judges decision to acquit this bodes well for future prosecutions. We thank them for their service for Queen and Country.

Veterans and Supporters United will not rest on their laurels, as the fight has just begun. There are still veterans who are still being vexatiously prosecuted before our courts in Northern Ireland, and numerous others in the pipeline in this Sinn Fein IRA appeasement debacle that our Operation Banner veterans continue to face. We will continue to raise awareness throughout the UK, we will continue to engage with our local communities and continue to picket where and when we deem fit.

In the words of Abraham Lincoln :-

'It is a sin to be silent when it is your duty to protest.'

Come for one, come for all

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